From old old towns to chic trend districts, via chocolatier designer shops to family-run breweries that have not changed much in hundreds of years, Belgium has got something for everyone. Lovers who visit will love going through the country’s dazzling medieval design, walking along its flower-dotted streets and enjoying its delectable repas and high-octane conventions.

Bruges can often be referred to as among Europe’s many romantic urban centers, with its web of waterways and fairytale-like complexes. Strolling through its cobbled streets hand-in-hand is essential, but there are many various other romantic activities to do in belgium too. Right from chocolate experience to formula spots, keep reading for the best tips and insider information regarding romantic things you can do in bruges.

Go up to the top of the Belfry – a old bell tower – for amazing suggestions over Bruges. Taking in the displays as you ascend and come down again is a perfect approach to an hour at the same time in the city’s most famous landmark. The tower presents a variety of different viewing networks and you can have photos by all over the town, so it’s readily available the perfect spot for the two of you.

While it might seem like a cliche, taking a horse-drawn carriage trip around Bruges is a real deal with and one of the most intimate things to do in the metropolis. Couples can enjoy the city by this excellent perspective even though a professional tutorials them through the streets of Bruges.

For a romantic an evening meal that combines the very best of aged and fresh, head to Votre Mystique. This upscale restaurant features ravenscroft chandeliers and sexual red hues and serves a creative mouth watering menu created by accomplished young kitchen Raoul De Koning. Alternatively, couples can dine with the one-Michelin celebrity Zet’Joe in the less-trodden centre of Sint Anna.

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