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Larger sizes are thought-about extra rare, and therefore, extra priceless. LidsOriginal lids had been largely made from zinc and included a milk glass lining. You may also find “Lightning Jars”–these have hinged glass lids connected with a wire bale and have been named for the lightning velocity with which they might be opened. Christmas LetteringThis kind of logo seems fairly much like the Triple L brand, however not precisely. It also includes the words “Masons Patent” in block letters below the brand. These jars were solely made in 1890, and they are very useful.

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I found this chart on Pinterest, which was very useful. Unfortunately, there was no source for me to credit. Older jars made by the Hazel-Atlas firm will say “Atlas,” whereas newer fashions made after the corporate was acquired might say “Atlas Mason.” Take a moment to flippantly run your fingers over the floor of the jar.

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Another variation is the 1908 patent, which is also not indicative of the date of your jar. look what i found Don’t be fooled by…Some collectors are confused by the mold quantity embossed on the underside of their jar. This quantity doesn’t signify a year, solely the number used to establish the mould. Generally, the number will be between zero – 15, and should embrace a letter.

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molds, all making the same sort of jar. Strong shoulder Mason jars can be found in plenty of sizes and this style makes them extra valuable to the market. That is that if the jar is in the best situation after aging well. The E-Z seal Atlas jar is the primary fashion you should search for. It is spherical and features a bail and an built-in glass top or lid.

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